Forwarding an opportunity to explore education and technology programs
inside prison, via a UW Honors course:

*Honors 230B, "In Your Name: Education Inside Prison"*, 5 credits

SLN 11752
On campus meetings on Tues/Thurs  11:30-12:20
Class at TRU (Monroe prison), Wednesdays, leave campus around 11:00 am,
back to campus around 5:00 (transportation provided).

Take a class that will change your life and change the lives of others! We
will study collaboratively with a group of student-inmates at the Twin
Rivers Unit and we will tour the facility and meet with the prison’s
administrative and correctional staff.

This class will offer an extraordinary opportunity to be involved in the
creation of an educational effort that will potentially have very large
impact. We will be working with student-inmates to craft and define the
education components of a larger program designed to facilitate educational
opportunities inside prison and their continuation after release from
prison. This project emerged from previous sessions of this Honors class,
so you will be building on work accomplished by many other students, both
from inside the prison and at the UW.

- Students don't need to be in Honors to enroll.
- Students need to be 18 years old (no exceptions) and will need to submit
personal information (via the instructor) to the Dept. of Corrections for
clearance to enter the prison.

Please contact the instructor, Claudia Jensen (, for more
information and for the add code for this class.

Aditya Sankar
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