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> On Apr 14, 2018, at 12:42, Jared Moore <> wrote:
> Please join us for the Change Seminar this week on Tuesday 4/17/2018 in EEB 
> 037.
> Who: Steve Hollingworth, CEO of the Grameen Foundation
> What: Using Digital and Data to Transform Smallholder Farmers
> When: Tuesday, April 17th, 12-1pm
> Where: EEB 037
> Abstract: Grameen Foundation is a global nonprofit whose mission is to enable 
> the poor, especially women, to end poverty and hunger. It uses digital 
> technology, data-derived insights and local partner networks to create 
> breakthrough solutions that span financial, agricultural and health services. 
> Grameen Foundation was founded in 1997, inspired by the work of Nobel 
> Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and a global leader in 
> the fight against poverty.  Grameen Foundation’s work is concentrated in 
> sub-Saharan Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. 
> Grameen Foundation has evolved from an organization focused originally on 
> extending microfinance to the world's poor, to one that uses the tools of 
> digital technology, data-derived insights and field agents to deliver an 
> range of financial, agricultural and health resources to people in poor 
> communities. Their work in agricultural development is taking on new 
> directions as we apply the power of data to transforming smallholder farmers 
> and supply chains, including in coconut and cacao. 
> Bio: Steve Hollingworth joined Grameen Foundation as President and CEO in 
> January 2016.  Before joining Grameen, Steve was President of Freedom from 
> Hunger. Beginning in 2011, he focused that organization on the intersection 
> of financial services and ending hunger through the empowerment of rural 
> women. Previously, he served as Chief Operating Officer for CARE, where he 
> was instrumental in developing and implementing the organization-wide 
> strategy and was responsible for direct-line management of global operations 
> and programs, with a budget of $650 million. He has held senior field 
> positions in Asia (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh), Africa (Lesotho) and 
> Latin America (Bolivia), building collaboration between practitioners, 
> technical assistance providers, donors and government agencies. Steve has an 
> M.S. in Economics, Development Studies, from Victoria University of 
> Manchester, in Manchester, England.  He enrolled there as a Rotarian Fellow, 
> and his thesis analyzed the field of microcredit and the role of Grameen 
> Bank.  
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