Tom Bergan, Michael Buettner and Ben Greenstein from Google will be giving
a talk next Wednesday (9 May) at 1:30pm in CSE305.

They are available from 10am onwards.
We are using a single schedule for all of them. If you would like to meet
with only one or two of them, please specify that in the schedule. Please
also feel free to meet with them together as a group with other students.

Delivering a performant mobile web to the next billion users

In many parts of the world, people have limited access to basic needs such
as clean water, consistent electricity and healthcare. Access to the web
can be transformative in these environments, but unfortunately, there are
significant barriers, painfully slow loading performance being one
pervasive problem. This talk will present an overview of the challenges and
opportunities we face in making the mobile web performant for the next
billion users who are coming online in the developing regions of the world.
We’ll present data on the current state of the mobile web, including usage
patterns, as well as network and device constraints and web performance as
seen in practice. Then we’ll discuss the approaches and experimental
methodologies we take at Google to improve on the performance of the mobile
web, deep dive into specific efforts we’ve taken, and then conclude with
thoughts on where we should focus going forward.

The talk will not be recorded.
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