Hey All,
I'm coming to Seattle Thursday to give a talk on this upcoming report I am
publishing with the Center for International Media Assistance, hope to see
you there!

Dan Arnaudo

*New Distributed Forms of Censorship Online *

Dan Arnaudo, a UW alumnus currently at the National Democratic Institute,
is coming to give a talk *Thursday (5/24) 10am-11:30am in CMU 202* about
his work researching new forms of online distributed censorship,
computational propaganda and media manipulation.

Dan Arnaudo, Senior Program Manager with the National Democratic Institute
and UW International Policy Institute Cybersecurity Fellow, will be
presenting on his new report examining "New Forms of Censorship" globally.
The report, published by the Center for International Media Assistance,
looks at case studies around the world and proposes potential responses for
civil society, private enterprise, governments and particularly the press
and media development community based on this assessment. It takes on
international cases, ranging from Bahrain, China, the Philippines, Turkey
and Ukraine, to explain new technologies that governments – particularly
authoritarian regimes – are using to disrupt the free flow of news and
information online.

This includes the use of computational propaganda, troll farms, bot
networks and forms of algorithmic manipulation, amongst other methods. It
also looks at how these tactics differ from previous methods of government
censorship, and how they have changed the way governments address these
issues, both democratic and authoritarian, and suggests potential legal,
political, and technical countermeasures.

For more details please see the calendar invite:



Dan is concurrently an International Policy Institute Cybersecurity Fellow
and a Senior Program Manager at the National Democratic Institute tracking
disinformation in political systems around the world. He is also a Research
Fellow at the Igarapé Institute of Rio de Janeiro. Formerly, Dan was a
Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Global Studies working on the
Jackson School’s Information Strategies for Societies in Transition project
in Myanmar. His research focuses on internet governance, cybersecurity, and
information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D). He
earned an MS in Information Management and an MA in International Studies
at UW by completing a thesis on Brazil and its Bill of Rights for the
Internet–the Marco Civil. In 2013-2014, he was a Global Studies Foreign
Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow in Portuguese. In past he has worked
for the Arms Control Association, the Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace and the Carter Center, and consulted for a wide range of
organizations including Microsoft, the Center on International Cooperation
at NYU, and NASA.
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