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Subject: [TIER] Volunteer to serve on the program committee for ICTD 2019
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Dear ICTD friends,

We invite you to volunteer to serve on our Program Committee for ICTD 2019
(to be held January 4th-7th in Ahmedabad, India). If selected (based on the
spots we have open at present), we will rely on your expertise to ensure
that the submissions selected for publication are high quality and
guarantee an inclusive, impactful, and interdisciplinarily rich conference.
**Please fill out this very short form, if interested: https://goo.gl/for
ms/bM8vkOjmANpnEfMk1.** Below, we offer (1) a quick introduction to ICTD
2019, (2) important dates for reviewing, and (3) a description of what
makes an ICTD Paper/Poster.

*What is ICTD 2019?*Held in cooperation with ACM SIGCAS, ICTD 2019 will
provide an international forum for scholarly researchers to explore the
role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in social,
political, and economic development. The ICTD conferences have been taking
place every 12-18 months since 2006. The first ICTD conference was
organized in 2006 at UC Berkeley and the conference has since been hosted
in Bangalore (2007), Doha (2009), London (2010), Atlanta (2012), Cape Town
(2013), Singapore (2015), Ann Arbor (2016), and Lahore (2017). The ICTD
community is methodologically and conceptually diverse, including, for
example, anthropologists who study how underserved individuals and
communities engage with technology, computer scientists who design novel
technological interventions to target development outcomes, data scientists
who examine human-centered aspects of big data, political scientists
looking at how national and state governments implement ICTD projects,
economists who evaluate the developmental impact of such projects, and
practitioners who implement them on the ground.

*What does the ICTD 2019 review process entail?*As a member of the ICTD
2019 Program Committee, you can expect to complete reviews no more than
five Papers and three Posters (we hope). Reviewing will take place between
July 22nd and August 22nd (approximately). You will not be required to
participate in a PC meeting or conduct any meta-reviews.

*What is an ICTD Paper?*An ICTD Paper, 7-10 pages in the ACM two-column
format (excluding references, but including figures and tables), must make
a new research contribution and provide complete and substantial support
for its results and conclusions. Accepted Papers will be presented orally
at the conference and archived in the ACM Digital Library (unless otherwise
requested by authors). Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of
novelty of the research contribution, significance of the contribution to
ICTD, validity of method, rigor of analysis, and clarity of presentation.

*What is an ICTD Poster?*An ICTD Poster, up to 4 pages in the ACM
two-column format (excluding references, but including figures and tables),
can report on practitioner projects, research work in progress,
dissertation progress, and other content that would enrich the conference.
A complete research contribution is not mandatory. Posters will be reviewed
in the same timeline as (but differently than) Full Papers. Accepted
Posters will be presented as posters at the conference and archived in the
ACM Digital Library (unless otherwise requested by authors). Submissions
will be lightly reviewed, but required to meet most of the criteria
mentioned above for Papers.

The deadline to fill out this form is **Friday, June 1, 2018**. Should you
require any clarifications, please contact us at prog...@ictdx.org. For
more information on the conference, people involved, and/or the Call for
Papers, please visit our website at www.ictdx.org, which we will continue
to update as more details become available. If you are connected on social
media, please follow our updates on Twitter @ictdx and here on Facebook (

Warm regards,
Neha Kumar & Rajesh Veeraraghavan
Program Chairs, ICTD 2019

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