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> Who: Students from the Jackson School Applied Research Program, led by 
> Jessica Beyer
> What: Expanding financial inclusion for Seattle-area immigrants and refugees
> Where: EEB 037
> When: Noon-1pm, Tuesday, 5/29
> Abstract:
> As immigrants and refugees migrate to new home countries, many experience 
> difficulties adjusting to their new home nation’s financial systems. Issues 
> relating to language, education, and cultural sensitivity contribute to these 
> populations’ barriers to entry. As a result, many immigrants and refugees 
> remain unbanked or underbanked. To ensure their successful integration to 
> financial systems and the establishment of financial well-being, a team of 
> researchers from the Jackson School of International Studies Applied Research 
> Project team seeks to understand how populations of immigrants and refugees 
> interact with the financial systems in the Greater Seattle Area. The report 
> begins by examining established legal definitions of different types of 
> immigrants. It then explores the demographic makeup of people arriving in 
> Washington State and the Greater Seattle Area before examining the existing 
> financial systems in Seattle. The report concludes with an in-depth overview 
> of the various obstacles to financial inclusion for specific target 
> populations by examining three case studies: the Somali population, Eritrean 
> and Ethiopian populations, and Latino communities. This project was 
> completing in collaboration with the University of Washington Computer 
> Science and Engineering department.
> Bio:
> Jessica Beyer, Faculty Lead: Jessica Beyer is a Research Scientist in the 
> Henry M. Jackson School for International Studies and the Technology & Social 
> Change Group in the Information School. Jessica holds her Ph.D. in Political 
> Science from the University of Washington.
> Allison Anderson, ARP Program Manager: Allison Anderson is a Ph.D. student at 
> the Jackson School of International Studies. Her research interests are 
> centered around gender, development, and information and communications 
> technologies (ICTs) in the Arab world.  
> Grant Dailey, Senior Research Fellow: Grant Dailey is currently enrolled as a 
> concurrent degree candidate pursuing a Master of Public Administration with 
> the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, and a Master of Arts in 
> International Studies with the Jackson School of International Studies.
> Nabilla Gunawan: Nabilla Gunawan is a junior pursuing a B.A. in International 
> Studies with an emphasis on Political Economy and Development.
> Mardav Jain:  Mardav Jain is a junior pursuing a BA in Economics and 
> International Studies with a focus on Foreign Security and Diplomacy.
> Sertseleul Kebede: Sertseluel D. Kebede is a senior at the Henry M. Jackson 
> School of International Studies majoring in International Studies.
> Jinyong Um: Jinyong Um is currently a junior at the Henry M. Jackson School 
> of International Studies studying Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Peace and 
> Security. He also is an Informatics minor.
> Jaime White: Jaime White is a second-year master's student at the Jackson 
> School of International Studies. Her research focuses on narrative and 
> rhetoric in Hindu and Buddhist movements, and communal violence in South
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