*Who*: Students from the Jackson School Applied Research Program, led by
Jessica Beyer
*What*: Expanding financial inclusion for Seattle-area immigrants and

*Where*: EEB 037

*When*: Noon-1pm, Tuesday, 5/29


As immigrants and refugees migrate to new home countries, many experience
difficulties adjusting to their new home nation’s financial systems. Issues
relating to language, education, and cultural sensitivity contribute to
these populations’ barriers to entry. As a result, many immigrants and
refugees remain unbanked or underbanked. To ensure their successful
integration to financial systems and the establishment of financial
well-being, a team of researchers from the Jackson School of International
Studies Applied Research Project team seeks to understand how populations
of immigrants and refugees interact with the financial systems in the
Greater Seattle Area. The report begins by examining established legal
definitions of different types of immigrants. It then explores the
demographic makeup of people arriving in Washington State and the Greater
Seattle Area before examining the existing financial systems in Seattle.
The report concludes with an in-depth overview of the various obstacles to
financial inclusion for specific target populations by examining three case
studies: the Somali population, Eritrean and Ethiopian populations, and
Latino communities. This project was completing in collaboration with the
University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering department.


*Jessica Beyer,* *Faculty Lead*: Jessica Beyer is a Research Scientist in
the Henry M. Jackson School for International Studies and the Technology &
Social Change Group in the Information School. Jessica holds her Ph.D. in
Political Science from the University of Washington.

*Allison Anderson, ARP Program Manager*: Allison Anderson is a Ph.D.
student at the Jackson School of International Studies. Her research
interests are centered around gender, development, and information and
communications technologies (ICTs) in the Arab world.

*Grant Dailey, Senior Research Fellow*: Grant Dailey is currently enrolled
as a concurrent degree candidate pursuing a Master of Public Administration
with the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, and a Master of Arts
in International Studies with the Jackson School of International Studies.

*Nabilla Gunawan*: Nabilla Gunawan is a junior pursuing a B.A. in
International Studies with an emphasis on Political Economy and Development.

*Mardav Jain*:  Mardav Jain is a junior pursuing a BA in Economics and
International Studies with a focus on Foreign Security and Diplomacy.

*Sertseleul Kebede*: Sertseluel D. Kebede is a senior at the Henry M.
Jackson School of International Studies majoring in International Studies.

*Jinyong Um*: Jinyong Um is currently a junior at the Henry M. Jackson
School of International Studies studying Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Peace
and Security. He also is an Informatics minor.

*Jaime White*: Jaime White is a second-year master's student at the Jackson
School of International Studies. Her research focuses on narrative and
rhetoric in Hindu and Buddhist movements, and communal violence in South
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