Hi All,

I have a technical question that I was hoping one of you could answer.

I'm working with an organization that has a Drupal website and is doing GIS

The users have usernames and passwords on Drupal. They will use a data
uptake tool to upload GIS data. Should the users make a mistake, however,
we'd like to give them the option of editing or updating their data. We're
trying to figure out how to do that while protecting user privacy.

One possibility is to use some form of authentication. I recommended using
the IETF's OAuth. Because we have a Drupal website, however, one of our
developers recommended using HybridAuth
<https://www.drupal.org/project/hybridauth> instead.

Or, in case of a mistake, would it be easier for the user to upload the
data again and have the new entry replace the old one?

Any best practices in this area?

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