Computing and Sustainable Societies 2019
Accra, Ghana | 3-5 July 2019
Conference Announcement
This is a preliminary announcement of the second annual ACM SIGCAS Conference 
on Computing and Sustainable Societies (COMPASS2019) which will be held in 
Accra, Ghana from July 3-5, 2019.
COMPASS is a re-creation of the ACM DEV conference, which was held annually 
between 2010 and 2016.    The first COMPASS was held in Menlo Park, California 
in 2018.   The COMPASS conference expands the focus of the original ACM DEV 
conference to explicitly welcome work on underrepresented communities worldwide 
  and to include work on sustainability.    To ensure strong technical 
contributions, the conference will accept papers based on tracks corresponding 
to the computing areas they draw upon.  The tracks for the 2018 conference were 
Systems, HCI, Data Science/AI, and Applications.
Accra, Ghana, as the capital of a dynamic west African nation will be an 
excellent venue for the conference to bring together researchers working in 
areas of information and communication for development (ICTD), HCI, 
computational sustainability, and AI for social impact.   The conference will 
be held at a hotel in downtown Accra.
The conference will have full papers and notes.  The program committee chairs 
will be announced soon along with a call for papers.   The submission date is 
likely to be in March 2019.
General Conference Chair
Richard Anderson, University of Washington
Program Committee Chairs
To be announced soon
Notes Chairs
To be announced soon
Local Arrangement Chairs
Angela Owusu Ansah,  Asheshi University
Nathan Amanquah, Asheshi University
Ayorkor Korsah, Asheshi University
CSG Steering Committee
Richard Anderson,  University of Washington
Nicola Dell, Cornell Tech
Melissa Densmore,  University of Cape Town
Carla Gomes, Cornell University
Jennifer Mankoff, University of Washington
Aaditeshwar Seth, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Lakshmi Subramanian, New York University
Miland Tambe, University of Southern California
Bill Thies,  Microsoft Research New England
Ellen Zegura, Georgia Tech

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