Please join us for the Change Seminar next week *Tuesday 9/20/2018* in *JHN

*Who:* Naveena Karusala, UW CSE
*What:* The Artful Integration of Digital Payments into Public Health
Organizations in Rural Kenya
*When:* Tuesday, Nov 20th, 12-1pm
*Where:* Johnson Hall 111

*Abstract:* Globally, industry, government, and non-profit actors have been
making concerted efforts to push the adoption of digital financial services
(DFS) within complex organizations. This effort is motivated by the notion
that DFS will support goals such as financial inclusionof workers,
efficiency of operations, and organizational governance. Weexplore this
premise through a qualitative study of how public health organizations in
rural Kenya use digital payments to pay health workers, backdropped by
ongoing issues with delayed and missing payments. Drawing frominterviews
with salaried and non-salaried health workers as well as staffof
governmental and non-governmental organizations, we describe the
articulation work---or ad hoc, corrective work---required to make bank and
mobile money payments usable. We highlight how this work and workers'
socioeconomic and salaried status impact perceptions of digital payments
and theprocess of following up with payment issues. We ! complicat e the
prevalent narrative that digital payments support financial inclusion,
efficiency,and governance, offering implications for the design of digital
payment processes that must serve diverse individual and organizational

*Bio:* Naveena Karusala is a Ph.D. student at the University of
Washington’s Paul Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. She
graduated with a Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech in 2016. Naveena
has engaged extensively in research projects in the area of human-centered
computing and global development in the domains of health, gender,
language, usability, and human-centered AI tools. She has conducted work in
India, the United States, and Kenya.
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