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Please join us tomorrow (June 6) at 10am in CSE2 271 (Gates Center) for the 
final exam talk of Aditya Vashistha<http://www.adityavashistha.com/>.

Title: Social Computing for Social Good in Low-Resource Environments

Where: Thu, 06 Jun 2019 10:00 AM, CSE2 271 (Gates Center) as well as on 

Abstract: Mainstream social computing technologies—like social media platforms, 
online discussion forums, or crowdsourcing marketplaces—have revolutionized how 
literate people with access to smartphones and the Internet participate in the 
information ecology and digital economy. However, these technologies currently 
exclude billions of those who are illiterate, who speak low-resource languages, 
or who do not have access to Internet-connected devices. To enable these 
communities to report and access information, global development researchers 
and practitioners have designed voice-based social computing services by using 
IVR technology.  However, challenges in managing local language audio content, 
high cost of voice calls, and technical difficulties in setup makes these 
services difficult to scale, sustain, and replicate despite their demonstrated 

In this talk, I will present three systems that I built to address these 
scalability, sustainability, and replicability concerns. Sangeet Swara is a 
voice-based social media service that uses community moderation from 
low-income, low-literate people to manage and moderate audio content recorded 
in local languages. Respeak is a voice-based crowdsourcing marketplace that 
enables even basic mobile phone users to complete speech transcription tasks to 
subsidize their cost of voice calls. IVR Junction is free and open source 
toolkit that makes it easier for global development organizations to build and 
maintain these services. Together, these systems fulfill my vision of building 
scalable, sustainable, and replicable voice-based social computing services 
that enable people without literacy, smartphones, or the Internet to 
participate in informative dialogues at both community and global scales.

Bio: Aditya Vashistha is a graduating Ph.D. student in the Allen School of 
Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington (UW).  He builds 
inclusive and appropriate computing technologies to address information and 
instrumental needs of people living in low-resource communities. His research 
spans human-computer interaction (HCI), computing for development, and 
accessibility technology.

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