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Next *Wed 9/4 3:30pm at UW CSE*, students from the ICTD and Security &
Privacy Labs will jointly be hosting a talk by local privacy activist
Cynthia Spiess. She'll be talking about how to get involved in the City of
Seattle's process for publicly reviewing surveillance technologies used by
the city, the Seattle Surveillance Ordinance.

*Talk Title: "Seattle Surveillance Ordinance: Information for Tech
*When: Wednesday 9/4, 3:30-5 pm*
*Where: Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering, Gates
Commons (rm CSE 691)*

*Speaker Bio:*Cynthia Spiess has previously worked at Adobe as a Senior
Security Researcher for the Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET).
Prior to that, she worked at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Security
Engineer for the AWS AppSec team; and earlier as a Developer Support
Engineer for AWS Premium Support. She has spoken at DefendCon 2017 and iSec
(now NCC) Open Forum Seattle. Her work experience covers front-end and
back-end web stacks (GUIs and APIs), both traditional and more modern
(NoSQL DBs, docker/Mesos), SecOps/IR, and (unsurprisingly) cloud security.

*Talk Summary:*The City of Seattle is in the midst of undertaking important
steps that impact the privacy (and security in some cases) of all persons
living, working, and traveling in Seattle for likely many years to come.
This work is partially underway, with different surveillance technologies
in different stages of the process. This presentation will cover what the
Seattle Surveillance Ordinance is & the overall process end-to-end; what
stage we’re at; noteworthy technical findings thus far; what’s next; and
how to contribute your knowledge. The overall situation is one which is
near starving for technical contributions and voice, so the hope is that
this presentation is more than purely informational and instead results in
informed participation (in any level or capacity).

Here's a FB event <https://www.facebook.com/events/376419182991263/> for
sharing. Please come if you can make it, and invite anyone who you think
would be interested!

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