Please join us for Change Seminar next Tuesday 10/8!

*When*: Tuesday, 10/8/19, 12pm-1pm
*Where*: CSE 203
*Who*: Dustin Carlino
*Title: *A/B Street: Fixing Seattle's traffic by playing an open source
traffic simulation game

*Talk Summary:*Ever been on a bus stuck in traffic wondering where the
bus-only lane is? A/B Street ( is a
game simulating vehicle, cyclist, and pedestrian traffic in Seattle.
Players reconfigure road space -- such as changing on-street parking to a
bike lane -- and traffic signals, then explore how the change affects
different groups. The project aims to bring urban planning to the masses,
letting anybody prototype and then propose a small idea for improving
Seattle. Attend this talk to learn about the complexities of using
OpenStreetMap and other public data to build a detailed road model, how to
simulate the movement and interactions of thousands of agents faster than
real-time, and about the challenges of building a friendly UI for conveying
the intricacies of Seattle's worst jams.

*Speaker bio: *Dustin graduated from the CS program at UT Austin in 2014,
after working on an undergrad thesis to simulate autonomous cars. He worked
on Google Compute Engine in Seattle for four years, then decided to pursue
A/B Street full-time. His mission is to find short-term solutions to ease
traffic woes in growing American cities, by incrementally improving transit
and cycling options. Outside of this project, he helps organize Seattle
Jumps, a local parkour community. Contact him at
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