Reminder: Join us for Change seminar at noon today in CSE2 (Bill & Melinda
Gates) building - Room 271.

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> Hi,
> Join us for the Change Seminar next Tuesday 14th, 2020 at noon.
> *When*: Tuesday 1/14, 12pm-1pm
> *Where*: CSE2 271 (Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Building).
> *Who: *Naveena Karusala
> *Title: *Engaging Identity, Assets, and Constraints in Designing for
> Resilience
> *Bio:*
> Naveena is a 3rd year Ph.D. student at the University of Washington's
> School of Computer Science and Engineering, working with the Information
> and Communication Technology and Development (ICTD) Lab and advised
> by Richard Anderson. Her research lies at the intersection of HCI and
> ICTD. Drawing on qualitative and participatory methods, she studies the use
> of chat in patient-provider communication and how it can be leveraged
> towards the design of sustainable health technologies that support care
> work. Her work draws on feminist and assets-based perspectives on design,
> focusing on equity, bridging policy and ground-level perspectives, and
> sustainability.
> *Summary:*
> We contribute to the growing conversation on assets-based approaches to
> design in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human-Computer
> Interaction (HCI) with a qualitative study of resilience. Our study is
> situated within a community health infrastructure in a rural county in
> southwest Kenya, where health organizations pay community health workers’
> salaries via digital payments, backdropped by ongoing issues with missing
> and delayed payments. Through the lens of intersectionality, we examine how
> community health workers of diverse backgrounds and contracted status
> respond to the mandated use of digital payment methods and long payment
> delays. We highlight how resilience in this context is situated in workers’
> intersecting socioeconomic and professional identities, which shape the
> assets and constraints that workers engage with, in efforts to be
> resilient. We leverage our findings to discuss how assets-based approaches
> to design can be further operationalized and used to sustainably support
> resilience.
> Samia Ibtasam <>
> PhD Student,
> Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
> University of Washington,
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