People have gone door to door asking to see BGE bills. They claim that they can offer electricity and/or gas for less than BGE, and they ask to see a BGE bill so that they can tell you how much they can save you. But according to a recent report on Channel 11, what at least some of them are doing is getting an account number from a BGE bill in order to put through a change of supplier even if you tell then that you do not want to switch. Moreover, BGE may charge you to switch back.

In the last two days, two people have come to my door asking to see my BGE bill. My wife and I have told them that we are not interested and have not gotten out our bill. I recommend that others do the same.

Some people may save money by switching suppliers, but if you are interested in doing so (and I have not bothered), you should be able to find the information online. Also, alternate suppliers send out enough ads in the mail. What I notice in the ads that come in the mail is that to lock in a lower rate, I would have to agree to a one or two year contract. That includes the offers from Constellation Energy (BGE's parent company) that claim to lock in a lower rate. I have no idea whether switching actually will save money over the length of the contract.

BTW, I have a security door that I do not open when I speak to someone going door to door. That door is locked, and I cannot open it unless I get the key out. A key is kept near the door but out of sight for fire safety in case anyone ever has to get out of the house, and another key is in my pocket, but I will not open the door for anyone I do not know. I got the door a number of years ago, and it has been a very worthwhile investment.

If you do not have a security door, be extremely wary of opening your door for anyone you do not know.


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