The City is working on fixing a leak at my end of the block.  I spoke
to the crew a few minutes ago and a worker said the water should be
out "for a few hours."  About a week or two ago, water started pooling
in a pothole, and I feared we'd have a break in a water main.  I'm
glad the city is getting to this, but I miss running water too!



On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 12:03 AM, Stephen J Gewirtz
<> wrote:
> At this moment, my house has no city water.  Earlier this evening, I noticed
> that the water pressure was lower, but the water was still on.  Fortunately,
> we have some bottled water in the basement for emergencies.  Also, earlier
> this evening, we saw a yellow flashing light outside on what may have been a
> city water repair truck.
> I did call 311.  If you press 3 after a recording tells you that it is after
> hours, you get someone who is supposed to handle public works emergencies,
> but she said it could be 24 hours before the water is back on.  I was given
> a service request number.  She also said it was shift change time, so
> information may not have been available to her.
> I am on the 3000 block of Guilford.  It is too late to see whether others on
> the block also have no water, so I will ask on these list serves whether
> anyone else is having the same problem.
> One thing I guess we all are aware of is that the water distribution system
> in Baltimore is ancient, and most of it should be replaced but will not be
> because of the expense.  At least I am not seeing any flooding outside, but
> I may go out and take a look.
> Steve
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