Hi, neighbors.

We are looking to buy furniture as we are making some room changes. I have
been doing a lot of looking on CL and FB marketplace, but I figure it might
be fruitful to put it out to this community, which would mean that we don’t
have to travel very far to pick things up. Perhaps some of you might have
things that you haven’t even listed, but you are ready to get rid of, or
know someone who is.

We are looking for:

- a twin bed frame (just a plain frame, we have a headboard)
-a twin boxspring
- a trundle frame
-a trundle mattress
- a full bed frame (again, just a plain frame because we have a headboard
and food board to attach)
-full size boxspring & mattress in good/excellent condition from a
non-smoking home.
-solid wood bookshelf (less than 44” wide  with adjustable shelves
- 2nd solid wood bookshelf
-solid wood desk for adolescent (maybe painted white)
- solid wood dresser for adolescent (maybe painted white). Interested in
more of a low wide dresser than a tall narrow one.
-secondarily, but interested: solid color sectional sofa (not pleather or
leather) in very good condition from a smoke-free home and no pet damage.
Large will fit.

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