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> I see a problem in the control process of J development. We had some
> visionaries. Now it seems we do a lot of small changes.

Why do you see this as a problem?

The role of a language is as a medium for communication. This means
you want ideas expressed in it to be understandable by others.

When you change the language, that breaks previous works.

So, as a general rule, if small changes are a problem, it's because
they change too much, not because they change too little.

That said, in the context of J, we have several issues:

(1) Some features were withdrawn, and in some cases has been "too
much", and parts of those features should perhaps be re-instated,

(2) We have a variety of things which do not work, and which need to
be fixed (or, ok, perhaps withdrawn),

(3) New hardware suggests possibilities that probably deserve some
implementation work,

(4) We could do with better examples and better documentation for a
variety of application areas (for example).

Unfortunately, it's much easier to chat about such things than it is
to actually do the useful work. So, mostly, we chat a lot.


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