On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 05:19:40PM -0400, Claude Marinier wrote:
> claude@GuloGulo:~/Programming/scheme$ chicken-install format
> Server error:
> Error: [Server] no such extension or version
> "format"
> #f
> Server error:
> Error: [Server] no such extension or version
> "format"
> #f
> Error: extension or version not found: "format"
> I must be missing something. Could the previous installation of Chicken
> 4,.13.0 be interfering?

Hi Claude,

The format egg has not yet been ported to CHICKEN 5, so that's why
it cannot be installed.

> Building a simple time stamp program fails.
> csc timestamp.scm
> ./timestamp > prologue.scm
> Error: unbound variable: command-line-arguments
>     Call history:
>     timestamp.scm:70: command-line-arguments          <--
> That should be in process-context which is included. Add this and try again.
> (declare (uses process-context))
> Fails again.
> sc timestamp.scm
> timestamp.o: In function `f_154':
> timestamp.c:(.text+0x612): undefined reference to
> `C_process_2dcontext_toplevel'
> collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
> Removing the offending call and the declaration reveals another issue: it
> cannot find seconds->local-time. So, I added this.
> (declare (uses time))
> Does not work.

There is no "time" unit.  In general, you should not be dealing with
units.  In CHICKEN 4 that's sometimes required when building statically,
but in CHICKEN 5 that should always never be necessary.

> timestamp.c:(.text+0x5f3): undefined reference to `C_time_toplevel'
> Then I added this.
> (declare (uses time posix))
> Same error.

You'd need to (import (chicken time posix)), I think.  That should
take care of all the dependencies for you.


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