Oldman is very, very good. I’m sure he’s up to the job.

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This is an odd bit of casting, indeed.   The only film I've seen Oldman in is 
Air Force One, where he played a nasty Russian ultranationalist terrorist.   
I'd have to see a trailer for Darkest Hour first, before deciding if he's any 
good or not!


Searching for the actor on Google Images produces many photographs of Gary 
Oldman, in his own persona and in many different movie roles, and none of them 
bring Winston Churchill to my mind at all.  Maybe he'll surprise us, but I'd 
like to see this chapter in Churchill's life done memorably by some actor who 
captures the historical person.  I've mourned for many years that Robert 
Hardy's Wilderness Years series ended with his appointment as First Lord of the 
Admiralty, instead of continuing two more episodes to cover the "phony war" 
period in 1939-40, and then the German attack in the West, his appointment as 
Prime Minister, and his struggle against Halifax etc. to fight on.

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