Sorry, but I've subscribed to the Post for more than forty years, and I assure 
you that it routinely publishes op-eds that are diametrically opposed to the 
its own editorial position. 

George Will's column, for example, has been based at the Post since 1974 and is 
distributed to 450 other newspapers. Aside from baseball and a mutual distaste 
for the current President, it's hard to think of anything he and the Post agree 

Obviously, I disagree vehemently with this particular piece. But it was not 
written by the Post, nor does it accurately reflect the Post's editorial 
position--just as George Will's periodic columns about global warming are the 
polar opposite of the Post's position on that subject.

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Sorry, but I cannot imagine even a "liberal" newspaper publishing "opinion 
pieces that are not in accord with its own editorial positions".

This Indian official's text is venomous - and the paper knew it and 
deliberately published it regardless.

"They hate us", your President correctly said of other people in another 
context - this fully applies to this Indian official : "he hates Churchill" - 
full stop.

No educated editor (as one may expect of a publication with a claim to
seriousness) could miss the fact - and the paper did not publish a paragraph 
distancing itself from the offensive opinion proffered. So it endorses it by 

With all best wishes,

Antoine CAPET, FRHistS
Professor emeritus of British Studies
University of Rouen
76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan

'Britain since 1914' Section Editor
Royal Historical Society Bibliography

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That is not a Washington Post opinion. It is a guest op-ed. The Post 
routinely publishes opinion pieces that are not in accord with its own 
editorial positions.

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I note that the Washington Post, spiritual home of Trump Derangement 
Syndrome, continues its descent into the world of tabloid drivel.


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