Mike Ruppert and I are both alumni of UCLA; we both know some of the same 
information particularly regarding Iran. I never physically met Mike because by 
the time I became aware of him, I was no longer living in California. He and I 
did converse away from this listserv, however, on a one-to-one basis because we 
have both been terribly betrayed by the government. We both now are away from 
the USA, he in Venezuela and I currently in Sweden as a "tourist." I feel 
confident that I will be able to return to where my heart is, Norway, fairly 
soon, but am not there yet. For details, log onto my "Travel" Journal Blog at 
http://arleneljohnson.livejournal.com and you'll see how I have sacrificed to 
get the truth out to decent people around the world.

In the meantime, I continue to publish the history that governments which 
deceive, DO NOT want you to know. Toward that end, in the first edition in 
which I published about 9/11, which is the 4th edtion (December 2001) two of 
Mike's articles, which are on motive, are there. He knew that I have 
subscribers, so he asked me to pay him something for the first article, and 
then threw in a second one for the same money that I offered to pay him for the 
first, $20.00. 

I feel that I understand Mike because he really has been raked over the coals, 
but then I have been too, and I have not succumbed to publishing 
disinformation. Plus, when I have learned that something that I published is 
innaccurate as I have on a couple of occassions, I get my Webbie to change it. 
I don't threaten to sue the person who corrected my mistake; I admit that I 
made a mistake and change the history in whatever edition it's in. I even lined 
through the 2 books I sold to a bookstore in London and put the correct history 
in them because the store manager advised me to do that.

Vig gave me a Web site regarding Peak Oil. And I managed to find two other 
writers who dealt with that issue too so published the truth about peak oil in 
the 19th edition. In my humble opinion, Mike could have admitted that he was 
wrong about peak oil, but he hasn't to my knowledge because he's scared.

I continue to publish the truth and am still alive for two reasons. One, I know 
how to stay safe from the governments which deceive us, and 2) God is watching 
out for me. That's all I can figure.


Arlene Johnson
Click on the icon that says Magazine to access the truth.
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>From: "Duncan M. Roads" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Sent: Aug 21, 2006 12:36 PM
>To: cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com
>Subject: [cia-drugs] Give up the shit kicking of Ruppert you morons!
>You know, there is nothing more pitiful than watching a bunch of  
>pathetic wanna-be's standing around kicking the shit out of someone  
>when they are down.
>I don't agree with many of Ruppert's conclusions, but fair suck of  
>the sap, what are the heinous crimes he has committed to warrant such  
>I dunno about some on this list, but I have been trafficking on  
>various incarnations of the CIA-DRUGS list and before, since 1996 -  
>and I can assure you weenies that Ruppert was out there fighting the  
>good fight for what he believed in a long long time before you came  
>You people are free to disagree and argue about the content of his  
>research and findings, but I really think you suck when you act like  
>cowardly high school bullies and write crap like this.
>There is not one of us researchers and publishers who is a perfect  
>human being.  Most of us like a drink, sex and most of us burn  
>midnight candles networking and writing - all because we care enough  
>to turn off the Simpsons and try to change the shit going on around us.
>Why you have such high expectations of Mike Ruppert is totally beyond  
>me.  All it leads to is bitter disappointment when you grow up and  
>realise that he doesn't walk on water.  Just like you can't walk on  
>I've got ten years of emails from this list and its former  
>incarnation, and I can show you many, many issues Ruppert was  
>involved -  in way before you decided to activate a brain cell.  On  
>some issues he was right on, on others he was way off.
>And anyway, so what?  What has he ever done to you that warrants such  
>hatred?  Made a few statements you don't agree with? Told you what he  
>thinks of you maybe?
>By all means, come crying to this list if he commits non-consensual  
>sex with a family member of yours, or runs off with your hard-earned  
>money - but until then - just grow up a bit you wankers!
>There is not one of you on the list that is any different, and as for  
>you shit-kickers - you seem no different to that which you accuse  
>Ruppert of being.
>On 21/08/2006, at 4:51 PM, muckblit wrote:
>--- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, "mark urban" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I have followed Ruppert and his information since the days when he,
>> Dan Hopsicker and Kris Millegan used to make presentations about
>> CIADRUGS. I subscribed to From The Wilderness; I bought his video
>> presentations and other material (something about Col. Al Carone. I
>> used to defend him, because I believed his heart was in the right
>> place.
>> Then I began to see and hear the dark side. Ruppert has a very short
>> fuse and a very large ego. On a Rense interview, he was unaware of an
>> open mike during a commercial break. He holds most people in contempt
>> and considers the people who were calling in with questions to be
>> idiots.
>> Do not forget the history that Ruppert has on this bulletin board.
>> Remember the Genesis crap the Hopsicker exposed?
>> Remember the  investment seminars in Cancun?
>> Remember Peak Oil? I remember going back and forth with Dale Alan
>> Pheiffer about Peak Oil on this very Bulletin board. He acted like
>> abiotic oil never existed. Review the history and see how dismissive
>> Ruppert was.
>> Remember Mike's Delmart Vreeland Scoop?
>> Remember Alan Greenspan and the poisoned wine?
>And don't forget Y2K and Peak Oil. Mike never rebutted Thomas Gold's
>chemistry of mineral oil. Despite Mike's trip to Russia, he never
>rebutted the Russian oil theories, which have been proven by producing
>Y2K, Peak Oil, buy gold on fear, those were real Ruppert, but Coral
>Baca he inherited from Gary Webb, so what did he really dig up on his
>own about CIA drugs? He had one personal connection to CIA drugs, but
>not one that showed him anything like I learned from dozens of
>independent personal connections to Air America and Luciano and Lansky
>Ruppert and Hopsicker seemed to us to be running neck and neck for a
>little while, but only if we had no idea that Ruppert inherited Coral
>Baca from Gary Webb. Then Ruppert ran out of borrowed sources, and his
>investigative method, cop or journo, paled in comparison of Hopsicker.
>Hopsicker over the years has dredged up reams of true facts, without
>embarrassing himself, while Ruppert's method has only dug up Vreeland,
>Y2K, Peak Oil, buy gold on fear, which is to say he sucks up every
>sleazy disinfo and then defends to the death of his credibility, but
>usually profits short-term.
>When I heard about the break-in, I was reminded of a 1980's DC-area
>radio personality named Peter Waldron. He confessed to a Catholic
>leader that as a Christian radio personality invited to travel to
>lecture around the US, he had fifty affairs a year with women in
>motels(not what his listeners would expect), after it came out that he
>had stolen his radio studio sound equipment twice for insurance money.
>Then I thought, if I was Ruppert, and that's what I did, I would know
>that it was the end of the trail in the US, and I would take the
>insurance money to a country where I could live a long time on
>$100,000 or whatever. Venezuela would not be the country with the
>lowest living expenses, so if Venezuela, I would wonder if I was
>witnessing the old "lightining rod(government persecution)" trick, in
>other words, Venezuela be sceptical.
>> I do not know what you're implying. Ruppert wants to look like some
>> kind of heroic character; instead he's just covering his ass.
>> Mind you, there is nothing wrong with covering your ass, but be
>> honest about it.
>>  --- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, "Duncan M. Roads"
>> <nexusmagazine@> wrote:
>>> Have you ever met Mike, Mark?
>>> just curious
>>> Duncan
>>> On 19/08/2006, at 3:21 AM, mark urban wrote:
>>> sooooo!
>>> is mike leaving for idealistic reasons or is he scooting before his
>>> ass gets nailed?
>>> I think stripping to your shorts in front of a female employee and
>>> then running around the office is downright creepy, which, for
>>> myself, is exactly what Mike Ruppert is.
>>> Im sure he will burn as much 12 cents a gallon venezuelan gas as he
>>> can pump into his car.--- In cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com, "Vigilius
>>> Haufniensis" <nerdmann@> wrote:
>>>>> Mike wrote a piece that is on the rense.com website about bidding
>>>>> farewell to america. funny but nowhere in the article does he
>>> mention
>>>>> that he is accused of sexually harrassing one of his female
>>> employees.
>>>>> Is there an extradition treaty with venezuela?
>> http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/081606_burning_bridge.shtml
>>>> The burglary followed on the heels of my humiliation of the
>>> perpetrator of a
>>>> feeble and stupidly executed sexual blackmail plot that began when
>>> a
>>>> newly-hired staff writer (with a clean record and a Master's
>> degree
>>> in
>>>> English) began a torrid (and not very discrete) sexual affair with
>>> my
>>>> long-term IT manager. The IT manager was, at the time, involved in
>>> a
>>>> committed relationship with a woman in Los Angeles. The same
>> female
>>> employee
>>>> also made simultaneous direct sexual advances to my Operations
>>> Manager who
>>>> is married. These included her showing naked photographs of
>> herself
>>> to both
>>>> men in our offices, something which they kept from me until later.
>>>> Eventually the sexual intrigue resulted in an altercation between
>>> the three
>>>> which wound up on my doorstep late on a Sunday night in April. It
>>> seems no
>>>> one involved in the altercation was capable of telling the whole
>>> truth. It
>>>> was also clear that my IT manager - who was known for his
>>> appetites - had
>>>> fallen hopelessly in the grasp of an attractive sexual smorgasbord
>>> that was
>>>> fulfilling his every wish. This is what he said to people in phone
>>>> conversations who later told me about them. He reportedly
>> described
>>> her as a
>>>> "sexual demon". He lied to his girlfriend. He lied to me when he
>>> told me
>>>> that he had ended the relationship. Then he lied to his friend,
>> the
>>>> Operations Manager, about it. I could no longer trust him, and
>> this
>>> was of
>>>> enormous concern to me.
>>>> After all of the previous attempts to sink FTW over the years I
>> was
>>>> well-prepared when the same woman started making advances to me.
>>> How dumb
>>>> did they think I was? I concealed a tape recorder in my office as
>>> she
>>>> directed me, after regular office hours, to pornographic web sites
>>> and
>>>> continually tried to tempt me with scanty outfits, G-strings and
>>> hints of
>>>> sexual delights including descriptions of her private parts. She
>>> was doing
>>>> all this at a time when she made 103 cell phone calls in one month
>>> to my IT
>>>> Manager on a cell phone that FTW was paying for. I got the bills.
>>> Most of
>>>> the calls were made during business hours. The second month's bill
>>> was just
>>>> as bad when it arrived after she had been fired.
>>>> My IT Manager had been my most trusted employee and a close
>> friend.
>>> I may
>>>> never be able to forgive his betrayal even if the Siren's song had
>>>> overwhelmed him. In previous years FTW computers had been
>>> sabotaged, our web
>>>> site had been hacked, and several attempts had been made to
>>> financially
>>>> sabotage our operations. Being fully aware that he was likely
>>> revealing our
>>>> most sensitive proprietary information, including account access
>>> codes, I
>>>> had but two choices.
>>>> I could fire the young woman. But if I did so she would be angry
>>> outside the
>>>> company and still have the IT Manager as helpless as Ulysses' crew
>>> in her
>>>> vindictive grasp. Or, I could keep her close, play along with her
>>> games,
>>>> prepare myself against the blackmail I knew would come, and try to
>>> find out
>>>> what kind of damage she was intent on doing and head it off. When
>>> she could
>>>> not compromise me sexually, she turned the IT Manager against me,
>>> and he
>>>> gave sudden notice. That was damaging enough. His last day of work
>>> was to be
>>>> June 1st. I decided immediately that that would be her last day of
>>> work too,
>>>> and so it was.
>>>> As June 1 approached I baited her with actions I knew would force
>>> her to
>>>> show her hand. She did on May 29th and that's when I let it be
>>> known how I
>>>> had protected myself. She immediately went - no doubt with the
>>> guidance of
>>>> our IT Manager - to a ridiculous pseudo-journalist who has been
>>> hounding FTW
>>>> and other 9-11 activists for years. In a previous sabotage attempt
>>> in 2005
>>>> this same pseudo-journalist had been directly connected to the FBI
>>> by a tape
>>>> recording.
>>>> Her allegations of sexual harassment against me fell flat on their
>>> faces,
>>>> and she was publicly humiliated. She had also been showing highly
>>> erratic
>>>> emotional behavior consistent with drug use in her last two weeks
>>> of work.
>>>> On the day she was terminated she and the IT manager frantically
>>> rushed to
>>>> erase large quantities of data from her office computer. This was
>>> witnessed
>>>> by the entire office staff. Fortunately for us, the erasures were
>>> only made
>>>> with one-pass deletions, and most of what they were trying to hide
>>> remains
>>>> recoverable.
>>>> ...............................................
>>>> Also, about a week after the burglary, my Operations Manager, who
>>> we have
>>>> since discovered was apparently in the process of destroying our
>>> paper
>>>> financial records, disclosed that the fired female employee was a
>>> multi-year
>>>> close friend of a convicted methamphetamine manufacturer and
>> dealer
>>> who had
>>>> served five years in prison. That was the last straw, and it was
>>> then I
>>>> started realizing that it was time to go.
>>>> Convicted drug dealers are usually on parole. They have little or
>>> no rights
>>>> and can be violated and sent back to prison at any time. Whether
>>> it's
>>>> federal or state parole, they'll do anything the government wants
>>> them to in
>>>> order to curry favor, including the commission of crimes "under
>>> color of
>>>> authority". The COINTELPRO records of the FBI from the 60s and 70s
>>> against
>>>> civil rights and anti-war activists; against the Black Panther
>>> Party and the
>>>> American Indian Movement; show clearly how these convicted felons
>>> were used
>>>> as ideal plausibly deniable weapons of infiltration and mass
>>> destruction by
>>>> the US government against enemies of the state.
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>"The nature of the universe is such that ends can never justify the  
>means.  On the contrary, the means always determine the end."
>(Aldous Huxley)
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