First post here, but I've been lurking zfs-discuss the past 3 months.

I'm having a very strange problem with one of my CIFS shares. Other shares are 
working just perfectly. When I browse my share from a Windows XP (x64, latest 
SP and updates), i instantly see some very odd traffic that starts pretty much 
instantly. As soon as I close down Explorer or goes to another share, the 
traffic stops and everything works fine again.

I see around 5-10Mbit of traffic, and thousands (~10K/second) of tiny small 
packets are transmitted back and forth, for every workstation/client. This is 
generating a lot of interrupts on the fileserver, raising the load, all for no 
obvious reason.

When I first saw this happening, I thought it could be some kind of indexing 
thing going on, or generating some media preview of the data on the server, or 
similar. But after looking at packets (and considering the huge amount of 
packets getting transferred), I think it might be some kind of CIFS bug.

A quick video of what's happening is here:

and a dump of some of the packets, grabbed on the Windows client ( 
is here:

The server is an OpenSolaris (snv_133) with "zfs set sharesmb=on pool/fs" set.

Any ideas on what I could do about this? This started happening out of nowhere, 
from day to day, and it's somewhat a deal-breaker for us, for running 
OpenSolaris. Currently, with ~8-10 users browsing shares, I see around 100K 
interrupts per second on the server.

kind regards,
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