The gendiag output is truncated, could you post a complete output?


On 04/20/10 11:12 AM, Eric Andersen wrote:
Last night, I wiped my rpool and re-installed snv134 from scratch.  I have a 
storage pool that I have several filesystems on that are shared via CIFS.  
Everything was working fine and dandy before re-installing and importing the 
storage pool.

Now, I can't connect as my normal user to the CIFS shares (on either my macbook 
or winxp box).  I get messages saying I do not have permission to view the 
contents.  The shares that are set with guestok=true, I can connect to, but 
only as guest.  I don't have anything crazy set up.  It's a small home network 
with only two users (me and wife).  I am not sure what I managed to mess up or 
where to start looking to fix it.  /var/adm/messages logs when I try to connect 
to the shares that don't allow guests with messages like:

Apr 20 00:58:55 nas smbsrv: [ID 138215 kern.notice] NOTICE: smbd[NAS\guest]: 
misc access denied: guest disabled

So, it appears that my user login is not working, and the client is falling 
back to guest.  Permissions don't seem to be the problem.  I can read, write, 
execute, whatever on the opensolaris box just fine, I just can't connect over 
CIFS.  I've reset the permissions/acls with a chmod 777 and chmod 
A=everyone@:rwxpdDaARWcCos:fd:allow (recursively).

The only thing I can think of worth noting is that when I imported the storage 
pool, I had not yet installed SUNWsmbsr so zpool import returned some output to 
the effect that it couldn't enable the CIFS shares.

I really have no idea where to start here.  Any ideas or suggestions?  
cifs-gendiag output is here:

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