John Ryan wrote:
I got around the initial problem, but I'd still be very interested to find out what went wrong. To get out of trouble, I first rebooted, and it seemed to work for a while, but then after about an hour, all connection attemps failed, and the logs were ful of idmap errors.

I then stopped idmap, renameded the idmap.db in /var/run/idmap, reset my name mapping rules, and rebooted.
I didn't see any more idmap errors in the log.

Some of the CIFS folks can probably chime in on what CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO really means.

For idmap errors, I would look at /var/svc/log/system-idmap:default.log and at /var/adm/messages.

I would also enable idmap debugging by:
|    # svccfg -s idmap setprop config/debug = boolean: true
   # svcadm refresh idmap
If the SMB server is having trouble talking to the domain controller, it is no surprise that idmap is also having trouble.


Ryan John wrote:


I have an urgent problem.

None of our users can access our fileservers.

I get this in the error log:

smbd[12228]: [ID 653746] SmbLogon[D\ryanj]: CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO

This was working fine until yesterday.

I’ve tried rejoining the domain, which succeeded and restarting idmap

What else can I do?

I attach the output from gendiag

Thanks in advance

John Ryan


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