thank you for your reply

> Did you define your share using sharemgr(1M) or the
> sharesmb property
> of your ZFS file system?

I used sharemgr(1M) to configure the share - as i guessed the "zfs set 
sharesmb" command is just an alias for that (although i took sharemgr(1M) the 
output of "zpool list" lists some "zfs set sharesmb" entries). Does it make a 
difference to take sharemgr(1M) or "zfs set sharesmb"?

> What do you exactly mean by "the share is not
> configured on the
> second server"? You don't see the share definition on the Solaris
> box or you don't see it from a client?

when i call "sharemgr show -vp" i see no configured share on the second solaris 
box (the box which received the zfs filesystem.  the send/receive itself 
succeeded, as the zfs filesystems on the sender and receiver are the same 
except the share confuguration which is missing )
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