If you use sharemgr, the share configuration is stored in SMF and
I don't believe that will be transferred as part of zfs send/receive
so if you want this to work you need to use zfs sharesmb.

zfs sharesmb is not just an alias for sharemgr, since sharesmb is
actually a zfs property which is stored along other dataset properties.

Having said that, I'm not a ZFS expert so I don't exactly know what
will or will not work using zfs send/receive.


On 07/ 1/10 12:41 AM, leon schneider wrote:

thank you for your reply

Did you define your share using sharemgr(1M) or the
sharesmb property
of your ZFS file system?

I used sharemgr(1M) to configure the share - as i guessed the "zfs set sharesmb" command is just an alias for 
that (although i took sharemgr(1M) the output of "zpool list" lists some "zfs set sharesmb" 
entries). Does it make a difference to take sharemgr(1M) or "zfs set sharesmb"?

What do you exactly mean by "the share is not
configured on the
second server"? You don't see the share definition on the Solaris
box or you don't see it from a client?

when i call "sharemgr show -vp" i see no configured share on the second solaris 
box (the box which received the zfs filesystem.  the send/receive itself succeeded, as 
the zfs filesystems on the sender and receiver are the same except the share 
confuguration which is missing )
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