Running a Sun Storage 7210 and want to replace a ordinary Windows fileserver
Have done identical shares and user rights (as I can understand).

My application that access the share need to also do ANONYMOUS LOGON,
and the share have READ for Everyone

Here is an example from the security log at the Windows fileserver
Event Type:     Success Audit
Event Source:   Security
Event Category: Logon/Logoff
Event ID:       540
Date:           2010-07-08
Time:           14:55:24
Computer:       SERVERNAME
Successful Network Logon:
        User Name:      
        Logon ID:               (0x0,0x4CE77EB)
        Logon Type:     3
        Logon Process:  NtLmSsp
        Authentication Package: NTLM
        Workstation Name:       WSNAME
        Logon GUID:     -
        Caller User Name:       -
        Caller Domain:  -
        Caller Logon ID:        -
        Caller Process ID: -
        Transited Services: -
        Source Network Address:
        Source Port:    0

To test for generate above I did from command prompt: net use
(without user and pass)

If I try do the same against the Sun Storage 7210 result it ask me for
user and pass.

My question
Is it not possible to do ANONYMOUS LOGON for a CIFS share at a Sun Storage 7210?

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