What's the output from the following command:

svcs smb/server

Please enable debug-level log by replacing 'daemon.notice' with 'daemon.debug' in /etc/syslog.conf. Then, run `svcadm refresh system/system-log. Please try again and report any messages in /var/adm/messages that are associated with the domain join.

cifs-gendiag script: http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/view/Project+cifs%2Dserver/files?viewer=attachments&language=en

An output from cifs-gendiag would help us understand your system setup.



keegam wrote:
Hi, thanks for the response. The user I was using to join was not a domain admin. I've promoted it to that role, and now when running the join command, it just sits there. I've let it run for a few minutes a few times, and nothing happens.
Here's some truss output (that was edited slightly)

Enter domain password: write(3, " E n t e r   d o m a i n".., 23)       = 23
read(3, 0xFEF825E4, 1)          (sleeping...)

(password entered)

write(3, "\n", 1)                               = 1
ioctl(3, TCSETAW, 0x08047890)                   = 0
sigaction(SIGINT, 0x080477C0, 0x00000000)       = 0
sigaction(SIGTSTP, 0x080477C0, 0x00000000)      = 0
close(3)                                        = 0
Joining de-ent.com ... this may take a minute ...
write(1, " J o i n i n g   d e - e".., 50)      = 50
open("/var/run/smbd_door", O_RDONLY)            = 3
fstat64(3, 0x08047700)                          = 0
door_call(3, 0x08047850)        (sleeping...)

And that's it. No loops, no more output what so ever.

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