This may be due to your Windows client, which restricts
you to a single user for all shares mapped from a server.

If that's the case, you could add a second NIC or second IP
address on the server.  Then map one share via each IP address.
Windows will treat each IP address as a different server.

There are also applications out there (such as Citrix) that
don't have such restrictions.


Robin Axelsson wrote:
I have successfully created two different shares that require different user 
authentications such that user A can only access share X but not Y and user B 
can only access share Y but not X.

The problem I have is that I want to be able to access both shares at once from 
a Windows computer (XP and 2003 Server family).

When I'm on a windows computer, is it possible to use multiple file sharing instances to 
that I can access both shares in the same session? As it is now, it seems like I can only 
access shares belonging to one user at a time. If I try to access a share belonging to 
the other user I get "Access Denied" instead of a login prompt. Does anyone 
know how to reauthenticate so as to switch user without rebooting, in case multiple 
instances wouldn't be possible?

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