I have a strange issue and have exhausted my knowledge so here it goes.

I have a datapool which has been shared via CIFs (setting up CIFs in workgroup 
doc followed)

>From my Win7 box I can connect to the share by typing in 
>\\\datapool and see all the folders.

My issue is that I can not move or delete any files or folders (Win7 explorer 
crashes and restarts)

On the OS box I have tried
chown -R ezeki:root /datapool
chmod -R 777 /datapool

>From the win7 box this is what I see
properties of a folder (\\\datapool\finance) the read only attribute 
is on
the security tab of the folder shows "security properties are unavailable or 
access is denied" (not the exact message as I am not on the win7 machine at the 
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