Erkan Zeki wrote:
> My issue is that I can not move or delete any files or
> folders (Win7 explorer crashes and restarts)

This is may be

That's been resolved for Nevada but, if you don't build
OpenSolaris yourself, the workaround is to ensure that the
user you are using to map shares is in /var/smb/smbpasswd:
Ensure that pam.conf contains the pam_smb_passwd entry
and use the passwd command to set the user's password.

> On the OS box I have tried
> chown -R ezeki:root /datapool
> chmod -R 777 /datapool

Since ZFS is ACL based (similar to Windows), using 777 can
produce confusing results: 777 not the same as FullControl.

        /bin/chmod A=everyone@:full_set:fd:allow <path>

In general, avoid the traditional UNIX permission masks.
Useful masks are: full_set, modify_set and read_set.

        7 -> full_set
        5 -> read_set/execute
        4 -> read_set

If you want something equivalent to 754, you could do:

        /bin/chmod A=owner@:full_set:fd:allow <path>
        /bin/chmod A+group@:read_set_set/execute:fd:allow <path>
        /bin/chmod A+everyone@:read_set:fd:allow <path>

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