Peter Taps <> wrote:
> Thank you once again for your help. Looks like you are the only
> authority on CIFS:-).

That's a nice compliment but there are a lot of people around with
expertise, and I'm often passing on responses from others on the
team here.  So I'll say thank you on behalf of the team.

> If I understand you right, all I need to do is to take out the whole
> "[realms]" subsection out of krb5.conf. That should automatically
> cause it to discover entries dynamically. Is this right? Or, is it
> just the "kdc" line I need to take out?

Only the kdc line.  Leave the rest of the realm definition as
is - you need that stuff.

> Also, what exactly is 6779186 that you are referring to? As you can
> see, my knowledge is quite limited.

That's a change request (CR) number.  Details here:;jsessionid=43118dccc9c48069ad43f2298fb3?bug_id=6779186

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