On 08/04/11 02:10, Chris Ridd wrote:
ffffff0567127880 SLEEP    CV                      1 swtch+0x145
cv_wait+0x61 smb_server_spooldoc+0x6f smb_drv_ioctl+0xd4
cdev_ioctl+0x45 spec_ioctl+0x5a fop_ioctl+0x7b ioctl+0x18e

This looks like 6996574, fixed in build 156.

(Note:  I have absolutely no idea how Solaris is being distributed at the
moment, and so no idea how or when a fixed build might be available.)

To me it looks more like smb_server_spooldoc is waiting on something
that isn't happening.

Yes, something like that.
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