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Hi Andreas,

I assume that this inquiry is an extension to our discussions with the product 
group re [MS-RPRN] and/or [MS-PAR] and the July patch (that began issuing a 
dialog box to users while installing printer drivers) and the "fix" to that 
problem that was released for Windows 10 last week October 11.

You request is for how you obtain a copy of this certificate.  I would like to 
(a) verify that this request is in conjunction with our previous discussions 
and (2) to back up a bit and understand where you are in resolving this issue 
and how you go to the point where you're asking this question.  For instance: 
is this in your pursuit to implement [MS-PAR] or is this in relation to 


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Hello Dochelp Team,

I'm wondering where I can find the "Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility 
PCA" certificate to verify digital signatures.

For example Microsoft Catalog files shippin with printer dirvers are signed 
using this certificate.

eContent Type:
        Signer's issuer DN: C=US,ST=Washington,L=Redmond,O=Microsoft 
Corporation,CN=Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility PCA
        Signer's serial: 330000001e258e7c4251c5d1fa00010000001e
        Signature Algorithm: RSA-SHA1

The "Microsoft Root Authority" certificate is available for download but not 
not the "Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility PCA"




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