Europe raids on file-sharing groups 
Police in 14 European countries crackdown on suspected online file-sharing 
network, with seven Swedish locations raided.
Last Modified: 07 Sep 2010 20:32 GMT 


Authorities in more than a dozen European nations have launched a crackdown on 
an online file-sharing network.

Swedish officials said that raids had been undertaken in 14 countries on 
Tuesday in a major operation that followed two years of investigations by 
Belgian police.

The majority of the police action occurred in Sweden, according to 
TorrentFreak, a file-sharing news website.

A network named The Scene was a key target, according to a statement from 
Swedish prosecutors.

The Scene was said to have offered films before they were available on DVD.

Paul Pinter, a Swedish police officer from the minor crimes unit, said that 
police targetted 48 sites across Europe that were part of the network.

Police raided seven locations in Sweden, including one in a suburb of 
Stockholm, containing servers used by file-sharing website The Pirate Bay and 
Wikileaks, the whisteblowing website.

However, that service provider said that officers had visited them but only 
asked questions over two suspect IP addresses, and that no computers or other 
goods had been seized.

Frederick Ingblad, a Swedish Prosecutor, confirmed to local media that 
Wikileaks was not involved in the current action.

Locations in Malmo, Umea University and Eskilstuna were also raided in Sweden.

Reports state that four people are reportedly being questioned on alleged 
breach of copyright law, with servers and computers having been taken by 

Raids were also said to have been carried out in the Netherlands, Norway, 
Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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