Andrew, after many, many runs and actual DVD media creation with these
patches in, I am almost certain that all is working well and now there is
the choice of creating BFF media.  So answer to question of "do you still
get interlaced" is "YES" as far as I can tell.  Here are some of the
results / differences seen when use "mediainfo":

1) GOP, Open/Closed                         : Open    ------------------->
   GOP, Open/Closed of first frame     : Closed -------------------> Before
   GOP, Open/Closed                          : Closed ------------------->
After is just this 1 line which makes sense
2) Scan type    is a little confusing though:
    Before  -----> it always read Interlaced for all, whether or not the
Deinterlace box was checked or not
    After    ------> if Deinterlace box is checked, it reads Interlace
    After    ------> if Deinterlace box is NOT checked, it reads Interlace
IF input is interlaced BUT Progressive if input media is not interlaced.
Does the above make sense?  (I think I stated it correctly).

In the DVD media I tested on a really old non-digital TV with a DVD player,
the BFF media looked about the same as the TFF media, even when original
media was BFF or TFF.   But the old TV was so bad looking, that I am not
sure it was a good test.

Playing Interlaced DVD media on a new digital TV with a DVD player, looked
decent but that is probably due to the software in the digital TV.

Playing DVD media on a new digital TV where the original input was
interlaced and CinGG had the Deinterlace box checked, did result in some
small jagged areas but mostly visible only when stop or step.

RECOMMENDATION: if not editing the input media so you do not need an NLE,
i.e. CinGG, probably should refer to ffmpeg, dvdauthor, or those forums
that apply direct copies of media exclusively for creating DVDs.

On Mon, Jun 5, 2023 at 5:49 PM Phyllis Smith <>

> Can you clarify even with my patches AND deinterlacing checkbox set in dvd
>> creation window and "use ffmpeg" unchecked you still get interlaced?
>> Confusing results that I did not consider.  I will thoroughly investigate
> "before and after" tomorrow and let you know what is happening.  (I should
> have done this earlier).
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