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    5) Which de-interlace filters are used in CinGG with mpeg2enc and

If you check "deinterlace" box in DVD  creation window - internal cinelerra's deinterlacer (you can configure it just before confirming batch render in second window).

I had a look in the wrench Cin video compression box.
Nothing there told me something about known deinterlace filters ......?

Some other optional parameters of interest (searched to find them in the manual), correct me here .....

* Color model optional: yuv 422 (inpput source? I would expect this can be of interest if i.e a better yuy2 conversion can be achieved?)
* Format preset (target? what's the difference between DVD and DVD NAV?)
* Denoise: Video and/or audio? If this help on typical mic wind noise issues it would be nice?

In general I think you can try other types of deinterlacers manually.

Yes, of course - I also try this manual combination ffmpeg/devede

    I.e some users claims that Bwdif is better than Yadif for ffmpeg.

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