On 12 October 2016 at 15:38, Nick Cutting <ncutt...@edgetg.com> wrote:
> I thought the same - which IOS devices have you seen it on -
> I have seen it on XE (ASR/CSR/44xx), but not on a fully licensed Sup2T, so 
> can't imagine it's on a 7600?

I saw it on some 7200s, I was looking to move services to a 7600, so I
opened a TAC case because the documentation was a bit scarce,
discussed it with TAC (I wanted to clarify behaviour with out CFC
cards, DFCs, different line card models etc), they said it should work
fine. Lobbed the config on a 7600 in the lab (it took the config) but
I never got to test it, an ASR9K went in to the DC so the design
changed and that wasn't needed anymore.

Initially I wrote the config in GNS3 and it worked (so IOS):

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