Thanks James, I will schedule a maintenance window and will restart ipv4_rib 
process. Will keep you posted if it fixed te issue.

Regards/S pozdravom,

Miro Sturmankin

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On 14 July 2017 at 14:27, Šturmankin Miroslav <> 
> I did not try any of the disruptive method, yet, as clearing the CEF or 
> restarting RIB as this is a core box doing 40G+ traffic. But if I don't find 
> a way to clear the single CEF entry from LC, I will have to schedule a 
> window. Was the "process restart ipv4_rib" really without a dropped packet? 
> Thanks.

Hi Miro,

We had no problems but were told it "might" cause an issue so best to run those 
commands during a maintenance window.

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