I think I know what the issue is but can't seem to verify ...

- 4 node 10.5 Cluster with DNS enabled.
- Currently, I have a known DNS resolution problem in the cluster, I know that 
and am working on it.

What currently happens is I'll upload a file in BAT then run a job (like 
import) against the file I uploaded and the Job Scheduler log comes back with a 
'success' result but N/A items processed. When I open the log I get "Error; 
cannot reference /...../filename.tar".

I'm guessing that BAT is using the DNS resolver to reference node/path/file and 
since DNS is bunk right now, it can't resolve the node. I can't find in the 
Googles and docs where it definitively says BAT uses DNS when enabled.

Is that my issue or should I be looking elsewhere?


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