Interesting you mention that, cause I am trying to import the exports from a 
lower version


Ryan Huff

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 19:17:07 +0100
Subject: Re: [cisco-voip] 10.5 BAT Error/Question

we have some Problems with BAT on 10.5, but the Proble is, that there are Null 
Values in the file. In 8.6 we can export, change something or add something and 
then reimport that.In 10.5 this isn't working (cause of Null Values in the 
Export)--Florian Kroessbacher   

2014-12-26 18:18 GMT+01:00 Ryan Huff <>:

I think I know what the issue is but can't seem to verify ...

- 4 node 10.5 Cluster with DNS enabled.
- Currently, I have a known DNS resolution problem in the cluster, I know that 
and am working on it.

What currently happens is I'll upload a file in BAT then run a job (like 
import) against the file I uploaded and the Job Scheduler log comes back with a 
'success' result but N/A items processed. When I open the log I get "Error; 
cannot reference /...../filename.tar".

I'm guessing that BAT is using the DNS resolver to reference node/path/file and 
since DNS is bunk right now, it can't resolve the node. I can't find in the 
Googles and docs where it definitively says BAT uses DNS when enabled.

Is that my issue or should I be looking elsewhere?




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