So is CUC just so you can use the after action hang up technique or are you 
playing a greeting first?

If your just hanging up and not playing a greeting, could you just catch the 
ingress call on a translation then just dump the call (or play the reorder 



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Subject: [cisco-voip] Extension that hangs up on the user?

>Hi list,
>Is there a way in CUCM to make an extension that hangs up on the other
>end? Currently we have a Unity Connection AA that does that, but it's
>literally the only thing CUC is being used for and I want to get rid of
>it. Currently we have our AAs (and voicemail) in Exchange 2007, which is
>being upgraded to 2013 soon, but as far as I can tell there's no way to
>have it hang up on the caller, so I transfer to the AA in Unity.
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