Media Bypass in SfB maximums are not posted, they only post the Mediation 
server transcoding maximums, which are between 1100 and 1500 for each dedicated 
mediation server and 150 for co-located mediation server.

In my opinion, the bigger limitation however is on the CUCM side.  SfB 
endpoints will bypass the mediation server, however every call will terminate 
to either CUCM MTP or an MTP within an IOS gateway (if configured in 
MRG/MRGLs).  Today, it is not possible to connect a SfB endpoint directly to a 
Cisco endpoint without a Cisco MTP in the middle.  This is extremely important 
when designing your integration, especially if you have a large deployment.

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Are you using the official Planning Tool that you download and install from 
Microsoft? One of the questions it asks about each site is what percentage of 
calls will use media bypass. When you get to the end it should take your media 
bypass use into consideration in its recommendations.


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This is more of a Microsoft question but I’ve searched everywhere and cannot 
find an answer. I’m currently working on a design to integrate CUCM and Skype 
for Biz. The Skype client will have media bypass enabled. All the Lync/Skype 
capacity calculators and TechNet articles talk about how many calls a Mediation 
server can handle when media is anchored. With media bypass only SIP signaling 
will pass through the Mediation server. There are no published numbers on how 
many concurrent SIP signaling only calls a mediation server can handle. 
Everything just reference “many more calls” but no ball park numbers. If anyone 
has info that would be great.


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