I am facing phone firmware upgrade issue. On one of the 7961G phone, the time 
is not correct. In Active load (Device > Phone) i can see unknown. This phone 
firmware version is Jar41sccp.8-3-0-50.sbn while other phone which is showing 
correct time is jar41sccp.9-4-2ES9.sbn. when i searched about this firmware. 
the phone cant upgrade directly from 8-3-50 to 9-4-2. for that i have to do 
intermediate upgrade to 8.5.2 (cmterm-7941_7961-sccp.8-5-2.cop.sgn). when i 
tried to upload the file to cucm (install/upgarde option). i am getting the 
following error.

Download Status
[Download Status Warning] Error encountered: The selected file is not valid. 
Please ensure that the COP/ISO file is intended for this release. MD5 Hash 
Value: 05:55:6d:6e:7e:3b:12:75:fd:2d:95:f1:bc:01:d7:6b


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