Use a hunt pilot that points to the Unity ports or SIP trunk just like you do 
for voicemail, but use a routing rule in Unity to send the calls to the 
appropriate call handler.
Start with a doc similar to
 (for your version) and go from there.


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Hi Robert,

This kind of configuration is new to me and need guidance. I am just wondering 
how do I sent the call to unity for Schedule and Holiday?


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Correct send the calls to unity for holiday, and then us caller input to send 
the call to separate hunt groups in Call Manager based on skill sets should 

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Unity Connection has holiday scheduling.
Here is the 9.x guide, albeit nothing has really changed:
You can run your Hunt group through there via an auto attendant and probably 
get something close to what you want.

There are no skill levels in CUCM, that is what contact center is for.  The 
closest you will get is longest idle in your line group settings.

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Subject: [cisco-voip] Need guidence to move Avaya users to cisco CUCM

I will be moving payroll group from Avaya phone system to Cisco CUCM. These 
users are accustomed to features that is not available in CUCM. I am just 
wondering if you can help how to replicate what those user have in Avaya to 
Cisco CUCM.

They have Holiday recording in Avaya and wondering how to replicate this 
without contact Center.

If calls dialed to group main number, it will go to the most idle Agent based 
on defined skill Level

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

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