Corporate Directory will work with the default settings in 10.4.2, secure EM 
will not.

If both clusters are up and running you are much better off just adding 
CallManager.pem from the TFTP server of the new cluster to Certificate 
Management of the old cluster as  "Phone-sast-trust”.
This will let TVS on the old cluster authenticate the new cluster’s ITL and you 
don’t need to mess with anything.

It does require that the phones can establish a secure connection to TVS on the 
old cluster, but if they can’t do that already then they wouldn’t take the 
rollback parameter change either.


On Aug 3, 2017, at 2:03 PM, Schlotterer, Tommy 
<<>> wrote:

They will register and work, but no SSL functions will work, eg secure 
Extension mobility or the  corporate directory.


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From: cisco-voip [] On Behalf Of Mike O
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2017 1:52 PM
Subject: [cisco-voip] CUCM 10.5 cluster migration

Hi All, I need to move about a 100 phones to a new cluster, and then add an 
additional 200+ phones. My problem is I want to use the "Prepare Cluster for 
Rollback to pre-8.0" parameter, but I can't change the option 150 in the DHCP 
server until the next day. My question is once I set this parameter  and I 
reset the phones they will register with an empty ITL file, but will the phones 
still function? If I can reset the phones to clear the existing ITL and have 
them work the following day I can then change the option 150 to the new cluster 
and then reset the existing phones and add new phones in.  I know I can lab 
this up, but wanted to make sure there were no gotchas associated with this 


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