Somewhere a DC sales person is drooling and doesn’t know why…


On Apr 13, 2018, at 10:19 AM, Anthony Holloway 
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Oooo!  I like the sound of that!  With full mesh SIP trunks between all of the 
clusters too.

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 7:57 AM daniele visaggio 
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Ops, I misread. Sorry

You bought two starter kits, so 70 CUWL in total.

The answer to both your questions then is yes.

Each cucm asks to the plm all the needed licenses, as per your configuration.

As long as the total users among the two clusters with less than 10 devices is 
<= 70, you are fine.

In theory you could have 70 clusters with one user each 😀


2018-04-13 14:15 GMT+02:00 Matthew Loraditch 
The starter pack is a marketing thing, on the backend it’s just regular 
licenses and can be pooled.
It will just show as 70 licenses as you mentioned and can be shared.

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Subject: [cisco-voip] BE6K Starter Pack behavior/limitation

Hi Group,

If I purchased 2 x BE6k starter packs of 35 CUWL Standard license for 
installation with 2 different clusters. There are located in 2 different part 
of the world, there's latency issues so we have to do this although number of 
users are low.

How will it show up in PLM? 70 CUWL STD license? Can it be shared among the 2 

Let's say 1 cluster will be using 45 CUWL standard licenses while another one 
use like 25 CUWL ? Will this lead to any license violation in the PLM?

Ki Wi

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