I guess I’m missing the piece of how is an extension assigned then?

With an existing phone, the extension is assigned automatically.

I was gonna do some testing, but any pointers would help.

I mean, can I create the DN first? And configure DN with userID?

I’m still getting used to this process.

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The quick user/phone add should work as generically for Jabber devices as 
anything else. Just that I’ve found that the common phone profile will not 
populate the correct “Cisco Support Field” for mobile and I have to go into 
those and key in the configuration file that customer should have.

It ended up being easier to insert via AXL to avoid having to fool with that.


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Subject: [cisco-voip] setting primary phone for Jabber users without a physical 
phone - licensing

I’m trying to setup an easy to replicate (troubleshoot/reconcile) system in 
place for our Jabber deployment.

We’ve decided to assign each Jabber device type to each user so there’s no 
end-user support issues when they want to use it on another device and/or move 
from one device type to another.

If I’m not mistaken, in this case, and, in any case where a primary phone is 
not set, more licenses are used then would need to be. The issue at hand here, 
is what happens when we deploy Jabber without a physical phone?

I’m already finding that the quick/add feature really only works when a phone 
is configured (although I have to work through that). So, I’m wondering, is it 
worthwhile to configure a “dummy” phone for Jabber users and set the primary 
phone for all Jabber clients to this dummy phone? Or should I ask them to pick 
the CSF jabber device as the primary phone for example?

What have others done?


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