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> Hi all,
> sorry I'm late replying. Been out playing gigs this weekend.
> >
> >
> > I think I've finally got it to work - except in Netscape. But it works in 
> > Opera, Avant and IE. Pages 1-3 is the section on the sister. The next two 
> > pages are an inventory of sistere in Norway. The last page is from the 
> > section on the lutter. The painting on this page depicts an instrument that 
> > is a bit like one that Bellman is seen playing (in a picture sent to me by 
> > FRank Nordberg).
> I got it to work just fine in Netscape and I'll translate the rest of
> the pages too - unless Are wants to have a go at it.

I got it to work last night, and I can have go at it. But right now I'am
off for holiday, so it will have to wait until the weekend.

> Right now I got side-tracked into something even more interesting though.
> So, can anybody think of an instrument that'll fit this description:
> + Six courses
> + Played with a plectrum or possibly a bow
> + Music notated in French tablature
> + Regularly tuned in a major chord (GCGCEG if we assume C major
>    tuning, but that's just a wild guess) but the lower courses tuned
>    down a note or two quite often
> A six course bell cittern like the one Bellman had should fit the
> description perfectly, but there a catch: this manuscript I've got here
> (well, photocopies of it at least) is *supposed* to date back to 1679!
> Does anybody have an idea what kind of instrument this could be?

I guess you are talking about the Peder Bang manuscript. That is supposed
to be written for a lyra viol.

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